Specialized non-metallic services. (FRP/GRP/GRV/GRE/RTRP/RTR)

Designing components for handling, storing and processing corrosive or abrasive liquids and gases at normal and high temperature is a skill and should be carried out by thermoplastic and composite specialists. At Silotank our engineers must consider a number of factors in the design of products.

Chemical Barrier – a unique non-structural element of any composite product and incorporates either a thermoplastic liner or resin laminate chemical barrier. The choice of inliner or resin laminate chemical barrier is important to ensure longterm corrosion protection for the product. Our engineers select the correct inliners, resin & catalyst formulation, fibreglass reinforcement and synthetic tissue and veil materials for the corrosion barrier. The structural laminate design is aided by the use of our ‘Laminate Theory & Netting Programme’ which allows the mechanical properties of the laminate to to be simulated prior to construction. The programme allows the order of laminate construction sequence to be tested to ensure the maximum mechanical strength is achieved. Constructed laminates sections and coupens are tested independly to validate the material properties and finish product properties.

Our experienced team of engineers and technical support specialists assist customers in the early planning and design stages.

Our 25 years of product experience ensure that our recommendation on product life cycle are accurate which allows the whole life cost of a product to be calculated to a high degree of accuracy.

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