OSC is dedicated to protecting and preserving the working environment in a responsible manner - we are very proud of how we work and our safety track record.

When it comes to safety, our philosophy is that any successful job or project is directly attributed to exceptional performance and well-planned services. Our unmatched safety record is a result of avoiding less than desirable workmanship and errors associated with rushing, stress, and poor work conditions. The majority of incidences are attributed to human error, thus minimizing or eliminating such conditions results in fewer incidents.

OSC’s management is committed to continuous development and improvement of safety programs to protect our team members on all job sites. We also acknowledge that our company’s staff and professionals are our biggest asset. We are proud of our safety record, and continue to strive to make our facilities and job sites safer. We will never compromise the safety of our staff, equipment or our customers.

OSC adheres to all Occupational Safety, Health Compliance associated with OSHA and our internal proprietary safety program. This compliance assures our company members and clients that all business practices are performed in a safe manner, matching our corporate values and practices.


  • A daily job hazard analysis meetings.
  • All staff and team members are trained to look at safety before beginning any task to reduce risk.
  • All team members are routinely trained and updated on the best industry safety practices.
  • All newteammembersareextensivelytrainedbefore beginning as an active member of OSC’s team.
  • All team members are rewarded for operating in a safe and productive manner.
  • All team members hours are tracked diligently to prevent fatigue and itigate the risks related to exhaustion or stress.