Electrical and instrumentation Services

Our E&I services team provides a complete range of support functions including modifications, work pack production, drawing and material procurement.

OSC staff specializing in E&I services is available for onsite services We have the industry know how and vast experience in the chemical, oil, steel, petrochemical, power generation, and other heavy engineering industries We are exception ally qualified for challenging and highly complex E&I projects We successfully deliver superior comprehensive electrical and automation projects to major operators throughout the KINGDOM.

OSC’s team of most highly skilled professionals offers and executes standard and sensitive E&I services with strict adherence to safety requirements Our service scope covers the complete instrument and controls technical spectrum helping our clients to minimize the costly interruptions and downtime Additionally, when needed, we integrate complementary services like plant, machinery and manpower resourcing to create tailor made solutions for specific requirements

We provide the industry with E&I asset support throughout project’s entire lifecycle from installation, project management, inspection, verification management, completion, and validation through future modifications and repairs

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