Message From President

OSC is a highly diversified, multidisciplinary contractor and an industry leader in various industrial sectors. Our team has earned its place in today’s competitive market through a combination of our core beliefs and the consistent delivery of superior services and quality end products. The individualized care and unwavering attention that we bring to all of our projects are deciding factors in why our clients continuously choose us.

We understand that it takes more than a qualified provider to win the customer’s confidence, especially when it comes to complex or high-value projects. That is why, from the very beginning, our company has been built upon a strong foundation of integrity, honesty, safety, and quality. We build trust-based, collaborative relationships with our clients and industry partners. This is what sets us apart and what helps us provide continuous customer satisfaction, win repeated business and establish long-term business connections.

In the course of the years in this industry, we have progressively advanced our capabilities towards a full scope of diversified and specialized services, which we provide today. We assist our clients at every stage of their project’s lifecycle.

OSC’s crew of skilled and experienced professionals combined with our unparalleled dedication and complete client focus have been a sure way to make every project a success.

Othman Sharidah

President, OSC