20 june

Truck Loading Skids – a GSW Manufactured Product to the Oil and Petrochemical Industries.

The symbiotic evolution between Technology and Engineering, which started in the early 1950s, is particularly true in the Oil & Gas industry. Automated systems have overtaken laborious and haphazard manual tasks to a degree that nobody could have predicted and the resulting benefits, particularly in harsh natural environments, have revolutionised the quality of an end product and its access to global markets. The applications of this evolution are particularly significant in the processing, measuring and transporting of the end products from the hydrocarbon industries such as asphalt, gasoline, fuel oil, diesel, methanol, and LPG.

Nevertheless, the truism that “without application knowledge is useless” is especially applicable to manufacturing and to the hydrocarbon industry in particular. Good design based on necessity is how the Oil and Gas industry has moved forward in such leaps and bounds and Gulf Specialized Works has actively embraced the task. Armed with a fundamental understanding of their products the company has resolved a plethora of various logistical challenges on behalf of their customers, not least of which is an efficient, measured and safe transfer of highly flammable liquids.